“Vote for CCF- save a cheetah time is running out”

Vote for the Cheetah Conservation Fund Bush Project

Namibian farmers, once the main threat to the Cheetah population, are now becoming their main protectors

“We’ve taken a problem and turned it around into a multitude of solutions” Laurie Marker, Cheetah Conservation Fund

cheetahs mom+cub

Cheetahs may run free in India

Namibia is home to one quarter of the remaining wild cheetah populations in the world.  Endangered by declining numbers from hbitat encroachment and global warming, now native thorn bush species are invading the savannah destroying the native grasslands and posing health threats to the animals that try to hunt amongst these bushes with 2 to 3 inch thorns. When the cheetahs try to hunt in the bush they can be cratched in the eye. This injury often causes blindness. this type of injury empares the animals ability to hunt and survive.
Bushblok fuels  a better economy and ecology
Bushblok Fuel Logs Help the CCF help the Namibian community of man and cheetah

The Cheetah Conservation Fund is clearing the thorn bush and turn it into cheap fuel briquettes, creating jobs for local farmers.  The thorn bush is chipped and turned into briquettes sold in  Europe and South Africa as Bushblok. Further uses of the harvested bushes may include biomass power production and wood fuel pellets.The project is creating jobs at the same time as helping to restore the hunting ground of the endangered cheetah.

CCF also develops long-term monitoring, and multi-disciplinary research and education programmes to ensure the survival of the cheetah and its ecosystem. The CCF also works with the local community to encourage sustainable, predator-friendly farming practices. Through educacation, increasing the local economy the saving of the cheetah is supported.

CCF is creating a better world for the endangered cheetahs, the environment, the local economy, and other animals that live in the area.

Please vote for CCF to win the BBC   Click here to Vote for the Cheetah Conservation Fund Bush Project


Excerpts and image courtesy of   http://www.cheetah.org/?nd=ccf_bush_project


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