“Japan’s new ‘Food Safety’ Minister still allowing sale of toxic dolphin”

Journalist Boyd Harnell  and Sky TV’s Pio d’Emilia takes on the new Food Safety Minister Fukishima of Japan, with scientific facts, some supplied by the Save Japan Dolphins Coalition, regarding the health and safety issues of selling toxic mercury and and methyl mercury tainted dolphin meat at retail outlets in Japan.dolphin and whale meat in Japanese supermarkets. The meeting took place at a Toyko Press Conference on November 16, 2009.

toxic dolphin meat sold as whale meat

The Japan Health Ministry has refused to put warnings on the small cetacean meat labels,and has also allowed the mislabeling of dolphin meat as being whale meat throughout the country. Two Taiji government officials from the town where the dolphin slaughter has annually taken place, have condemned dolphin meat as toxic waste after they had conducted certified lab tests showing Taiji dolphin meat to be extremely high in mercury and methyl mercury.
He admitted serving dolphin meat to school children through a government-sponsored Taiji lunch program.

Dr. Shigeo Ekino and Dr. Tetsuya Endo scientists have condemned the sale of dolphin meat for human consumption. Their research on local Taiji residents have shown that local residents tested ten times higher in their blood  for mercury toxicity than the national average.

Mr. Harnell asked the Health Minister to ban the sale of dolphin and whale meat and stop the needless slaughter of these animals to protect public health and preserve the ocean biome. Even presented with the scientific data the new woman “health minister ” is dragging her political feet.

Help stop the slaughter of dolphins by signing the petition click here.

courtesy of   savejapandolphins.blogspot.com
Excerpts courtesy of  thepetitionsite.com/3/stop-the-dolphin-slaughter
Image courtesy of        creativecommons.org/toxic+dolphin


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