“Orca birth announcement”

Great News – two new calves. born to  L and  to J pod

These two new baby orcas raise hope that possibly the southern resident orca population

may continue to increase off Puget Sound, Washington State.

Good News

The addition of two young calves to the three Puget Sound pods brings the total population to 87 whales. The orcas migrate back and forth from Puget Sound to British Columbia in search of food. According to the Orca Network, the new addition to J pod has been named J-47 and the mother is name  J-28. The young orca was spotted swimming along side its mother close to Victoria in the waters near the San Juan Islands and the calf has been given the designation J-46. Its presumed mother is a 16-year-old orca known as J-28 or Polaris.

new orca

New orca this baby's tiny dorsal fin snuggled in among the large dorsals of its family members - even his/her uncle, J44, who was born earlier this year seems big by comparison

The southern resident killer whales (orca) were on the decline and were listed for ESA protection in early 2007. Chinook salmon are also endangered and have been on a steady decline for decades. Their main food is salmon which is  declining in numbers, pollution, disease and  hunting have put the orca are threatened populations. Last summer seven endangered orcas from the Puget Sound disappeared, including two reproducing-aged females. The whales were feared dead and scientists believe they may have died from malnutrition, starvation, and vulnerability to other threats, like water contamination.

Dangers plague the whales

from shipping lanes, cruise ships, and cargo traffic to pollution and decreasing food sources of salmon.

Orcas are protected their capture for use in theme parks is prohibited.

You can help save our ocean nimals and ecology by using less plastic and fossil fuels and living more naturally.


Excerpts courtesy of  http://www.whaleresearch.org/conservation.htm

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Image New calf J46 swimming with J28 – courtesy of Mark Malleson/http://blog.seattlepi.com/candacewhiting/archives/184992.asp



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