” Two thumbs up-Christmas trees smiling and we breathe less CO2 this year”

It is a healthier holiday season this 2009 with less CO2 for us to breathe and more carbon sequestering

Evergrow Christmas Trees and Carbonsync Christmas are helping ‘green’ Christmas this year.

Thanks to the green thinking of the two Canadian Christmas trees rental companies, we will all breathe easier this year. This blessing of less CO2 in the air will continue for many years to come. Instead of selling cut trees, they sell live potted trees decorated for the holidays. The after the festivities are over these tow firms will pick up the trees and take care of them until next year.

Live Christmas trees clean air

This eco-friendly Christmas tree rental service for the holiday period costs 100 dollars, Evergrow Christmas Trees and Carbonsync Christmas will drop off a potted tree at your home or business and pick it up three weeks later after all the presents have been opened and Santa has parked his sleigh. Carbonsync plans to donate its trees to habitat restoration groups for replanting after Christmas, while Evergrow says it will return them to a nursery to be cared for until next Christmas when they may be rented out again.

Christmas trees grow from six to 12 years before being harvested and used for one Christmas. Then if the trees are not recycled they end up in the landfill. Wasted time, transportation costs, fuel, human resources and creating fire hazards in many homes as they dry oout.

These young healthy Canadian trees will also continue to draw CO2 from the atmosphere and sequestering the the carbon helping slow global warming instead of ending up as waste. If a family gets attached to their holiday tree, they may even rent the same tree year after year from Evergrow, as long as it has not grown too large to fit in their living room.


Excerpts and Image courtesy of http://www.terradaily.com/reports/Canadian_firms_tout_green_Christmas_trees_999.html


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