“The beauty of the turtle-a poem”

Let us focus on the beauty of the creature turtle

Our focus empowers

Let us show the turtle in its natural environment

where the turtle so enjoys

Let’s put up huge screens showing the turtles swim and thus celebrating life in their way

lets combine this lively exhibition with traditional worshipping of the divine

as in the island of Bali

Let us invite all kinds of fantastic people to create art

paintings, movies, poems, writings, dances, drawings, storytelling, theater

all about the turtle

turtle, mother earth, I love you!

Saving endangered Hawksbill turtles

I adore you!

And as I set myself free

(for the benefit of integrity, clarity, true abundance and beauty)

Newly hatched loggerheads go seaward

I set you free

Together we dance, you (the) four legged creature of ocean, tides and earth

Me, (the) two legged creature of earth and imagination

submitted by Jeike 2009. Reprinted with permission.

“Thanks so much for your for sharing your poem with us.” – Nature’s Crusaders and Mother Nature


Image 1 files Nature’s Crusaders

Image 2 courtesy of https://mariner-horseshoe-crab-research.wikispaces.com/file/view/Babies.jpg/77281413/Babies.jpg

Reprinted with permission Nature’s Crusaders 2009.

Nature’s Crusaders encourages all artists to submit their workks about nature to NC for possible inclusion in future articles.

Thanks Jeike.


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