Poisoning the last big cats in Kenya

Carbofuran is a toxic poison made by a U.S. company that is lethal to a wide range of animals from crustations to fresh water fish to mammals and man. Simple inhalation of the fumes can

Deadly toxin carbofuran

be lethal. The US Environmental Protection Agency says is too toxic to be used in America, but it is still being sold from store fronts in Kenya. It threatens the extinction of the regal endangered African lion, the cheetah and humans.

It only takes 1/4 of a teaspoon of Carbofuran can kill an individual lion.

Less will paralyze this mighty beast for up to a week, leaving a lion or lioness to starve to death or be killed by other predators Just a handful of carbofuran can kill an entire pride of lions.

Keep lions away from Carbofuran

At least seventy-six lions have been confirmed killed by Carbofuran. Many more deaths go undocumented and unreported. There is no enforcement much less punishment if someone uses Carbofuran to kill lions in Kenya.

We must act now to save these great cats from extinction in one of their last remaining homes in the wild. few as 16,000 remain a staggering decline of more than 95% in 50 years.

Take action now.

Please Sign Defenders of Wildlife petition

Encourage Kenya’s Prime Minister, Raila Odinga, to enact a ban on the sale and use of Carbofuran in Kenya and support new protections for the country’s endangered lions.

Click here now.

“Thank you” – Mother Nature and NC


Excerpts courtesy of https://defenders.org

Excerpts courtesy of http://www.pesticideinfo.org

Image courtesy of http://answers.com/wikipedia/Carbofuran-from-xtal-3D-balls.png

Image courtesy of http://fineartamerica.com/thirsty-lions-michele-burgess.jpg

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