“Sign name on the Great Wall of Clean Energy +Pollution Free World”

You can be part of the historic change needed in the US and the world

The United Nations Climate Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark began this week, and we can help the US delegation know how important saving our planet is to us in United States and around the world.

Become one of America’s finest

Sign your name on

the Great Wall of Clean Energy and Pollution Free World

Let all the delegates know your commitment to finding

a healthy safe global solution to the greatest challenge facing our planet.

Leaders from across the world, including President Obama, will come together to forge an agreement that will guide international action to reduce greenhouse gas pollution and lay the foundation for a new, healthy and prosperous 21st century with clean energy economy.

Will you help us forage the next New World together?
President Obama has already made a commitment to take on the climate crisis here in the U.S. Let us show him the American people are ready to become positive role models for the world to follow.

Show the world that the American people want bold action on climate and clean energy solutions.

Share your message of support on The Wall now.

The United States has a vital role to play in Copenhagen.
The United States has a crucial role to play in any international efforts related to the climate crisis including the dialog that continues in Copenhagen this week.

Let us go forth and show the world that we stand for the betterment of the planet. Our principles and our economic strength have traditionally made us a leader in the world community, but our wealth has made us lazy and shortsited polluters. We can and we will change that starting today

Will we wimp out by saying there was not enough time to plan some effective strategies to win the the greatest crisis facing our world as we know it? Or will we be able to tell future generations that when faced will the greatest challenge known to man, we came, we assessed the challenges and we put our differences aside, worked together with all nations to create the best world for all living animals, plants and people everywhere.


Let us step up to the plate and take climate crisis in hand .

Let us lead the world in developing a climate agreement that will lay the guidelines for decreasing global warming and increasing the health and wellbeing of us all.

Speak out to your congressmen and help them pass comprehensive clean energy and climate legislation in Congress.

Post your message on The Great Wall of Clean Energy and Pollution Free World

“Thank you for helping Mother Earth with each action you take.”- Mother Nature and Nature’s Crusaders


Excerpts and Image courtesy of    http://www.repoweramerica.org/wallform


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