“The loophole could doom the polar bears –act now”

The good news
The Obama administration wants to set aside 200,000 square miles of coastal lands and sea ice along the north coast of Alaska that would be designated as “critical habitat” for the polar bear.

Administration officials put forward the habitat proposal, which is required under the Endangered Species Act, in response to intense legal pressure from NRDC, the Center for Biological Diversity and other groups including Nature’s Crusaders Action Crew.

Leaping for food

Once the habitat is designated, the federal government is barred from taking any actions that may change it in ways that undermine the ability of polar bears to recover.

The bad news –pass given to oil and gas interests

In the last 30 years, the Arctic ice cap has shrunk by a size equivalent to six Californias. As the sea ice disappears, scientists are finding more evidence of polar bear drownings, starvation and cub deaths.

In spite of these facts, gas and oil seems to come ahead of polar bears and their habitat.

Therefore your help and continued support is needed.

Please act now
Contact Ken Salyzar and your congressional leaders to let them know how you feel. Hopefully one day soon we will all be able to simply would for the betterment of the planet and not have to resort to legal to convince people to take care of Mother Earth and all her children educational and environmental development.

Your support is critically needed to fight the good fight in and out of court to protect the polar bear and its rapidly melting Arctic habitat. Take action to save the polar bear now.

courtesy of http://www.savebiogems.org/timeline
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