“Tortoise and friends vs solar giant can both win?”

So many battles to tend with big oil, other corporate giants, federal agencies, golf courses, housing tracts and casinos all seemingly bent on destroying our natural resouces, environment, endangered animals and plants.  Now the environmentalists must protect endangered tortoises, their land and other threatened species from one of our own??
Is there something wrong with this picture?

Mojave Desert Tortoise

Two dozen rare Mojave Desert tortoises Gopherus agassizii could lose their homeland on protected federal lands from a growing solar-energy company.  Oakland, Calif.-based BrightSource Energy would sacrifice a 6 square miles of habitat needed for the threatened desert tortoise to put up 400,000 mirrors on the site to gather the sun’s energy to power construct three solar power plants on the site that together would generate power for 142,000 homes annually. There must be a way to do both.

The clean power is needed, but we must work together to save the environment and life as we know it on this earth.

The project is good, but poorly placed.

We all must care enough to find a peaceful solution without years of wasted money on court battles.

Preserving the pristine home for rare plants and wildlife, including the protected tortoise, the Western burrowing owl and bighorn sheep is vital.
It could become the first project of its kind on U.S. Bureau of Land Management property, leaving a footprint for others to follow on vast stretches of public land across the West. The stakes are high.

Let BrightSourceEnergy and the Sierra Club know you want them to come to an out of court agreement with the envoronmental groups that is good for both.


Excerpts courtesy of   http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20100101/ap_on_bi_ge/us_solar_showdown

Image courtesy of  http://geochange.er.usgs.gov/sw/impacts/biology/tortoise1/tort124.gif


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