“Leatherback turtles and NMFS needs your input”

The National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS), wants you feedback for their proposal to increase the critical habitat for the endangered leatherback sea turtle (Dermochelys coriacea) by designating additional areas within the Pacific Ocean.

Eastern leatherback race

Specific areas proposed for designation

Proposed extension of protected leatherback territory

Two critical adjacent marine areas totaling approximately 46,100 square miles (119,400 square km) stretching along the California coast from Point Arena to Point Vincente; and one 24,500 square mile (63,455 square km) marine area stretching from Cape Flattery, Washington to the Umpqua River (Winchester Bay), Oregon. The total designated areas proposed comprise about 70,600 square miles (182,854 square km) of marine habitat.

“s Service (NMFS) wants your input on all aspects of the proposal, including information on the economic, national security, and other relevant impacts. All information received will be considered prior to making a final designation.

Please let your voices be heard for this critically endangered species. “Comments.


Excerpts and Map courtesy of http://www.regulations.gov

Image courtesy of   Nature’s Crusaders Library


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