“US does 70.5% Illegal internet Wildlife ads”

The United States is a major player in advertising illegal wild game for sale on the internet.  The US is responsible for 70.5 percent of the illegal wild game ads on the internet, followed by Britain and China with 7.7 percent and 7.6 percent. The internet has made the trading of wildlife way  too easy. The result is animal populations and their ecosystems are been dessimated.

Endangered animals sold illegally

Estimates of the value of final sales on these websites totaled more than $457,000 dollars, however that figure is much higher because most sites did not advertise their prices, according to the study. The total value of this illegal trade worldwide from all its may venues is about $6 billion-dollars annually.

Below are a few of the ways humans are continuing to devastate these endangered animal populations.

If we stop feeding the international appetite for exotic goods including ivory, pelts, traditional medicines, and wild meats we can help these animal populations recover.

18 to 21.6 million seahorses caught yearly for traditional Asian medicine

  • United States in 2002 imported over 38,000 mammals, 365,000 birds, 2 million reptiles, 49 million amphibians, and 216 million fis
  • 1,000 elephant ivory items were advertised on Ebay from February to May 2004
  • Decline from 1979 to 1989 in numbers of African elephants that were killed largely for the then illegal ivory trade: between 600,000 and 1.3 million
  • 99,939 primates legally were imported into the United States as pets or research animals between 1995 and 2002
  • Percentage of tropical birds and reptiles that die during transport for the exotic pet trade: up to 80
  • At least 10 tons tropical bone imports East Asian countries from other parts of Asia between 1970 and 1993
  • 10 tons of tiger bone represents: between 500 and 1,000 animals 500 and 1,000 animals
  • Estimated number of tigers left in the wild: under 5,000
  • Estimated number of captive tigers living in the United States: 5,000 to 7,000.

Since the US seems to be such a big player in this trade, it is time for the rest of us to refuse to purchase anything or support  this trade in any way. If someone learns of of someone hunting, trading or transporting wildlife please report them to your nearest US Game and Fish Department or contact Nature’s Crusaders and we will help you get the information to the proper authorities.


Excerpts courtesy of  http://bit.ly/64xqeO
Excerpts courtesy of  http://bit.ly/5BsKA7


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