“Animal 911- paying it forward”

Paying it forward to rescue animals after a natural disaster may seem like too much work after putting out so much energy to rescue people, but these animals have risked their lives to save people.
Pig to the rescue for heart attack victim
JoAnn Altsman had a heart attack and fell on the floor of her house. Lulu, a pet

Pot-belly pig to the rescue

pot-bellied pig, rushed out of the house, and laid down in the street to stop traffic. The pig tried over and over to get help but no one stopped. It would rush back into their house to check on JoAnn. Then it would run back to the street in a desperate attempt to get help. Finally, one person stopped and followed the determined pig back to the house, where they found JoAnn in pain on the floor. She was immediately rushed to a hospital.

stray cat saves life

In August 1990,  Augie a stray cat that she took in woke her at 5 a.m from a sound asleep by jumping up on her bed. The cat began touching her nose gently with his paw until she was fully alert. Then realized the reason the cat had awakened her as the smell of gas filled the bedroom. She quickly went to find the source of the leak and discovered that the water heater in the laundry room was leaking on a half-lit burner. U

After turning off the gas, the cat and I sat outside until the gas smell was gone. Thanks Augie!

Elephants save tourists

Agitated elephants felt the tsunami coming, saved about a dozen foreign tourists from the fate of thousands killed by the giant waves. The elephants began crying. Dang Salangam said that he never heard an elephant trumpet like that before.

When the elephants started trumpeting – in that strange way, it was at first light of day, about the time an earthquake measured at a magnitude of 9.0 cracked open the sea bed off Indonesia’s Sumatra island.

Dang, 36, and his wife Kuluda, 24, said that he elephants soon calmed down. They began wailing again about an hour later and this time they could not be comforted, despite their mahouts’ attempts at reassurance. This was before the tsunami hit. The couple managed to turn the elephants to lift the tourists onto their backs before charged up the hill through the jungle where they stopped. The tsunami drove up to 1,000 yards inshore from the gently sloping beach…It stopped short of where the elephants stood.

Elephant ride to safety

Elephants and other animals are known to move to higher ground, so few died. Dang and his wife own an eight-elephant business offering rides to tourists at Khao Lak beach.


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