“Cruelty begins by abandoning pets”

In Tucson, AZ there seems to be favorite places to release animals to their own wiles. In the abandoning zone in the desert the other side of the airport, recently carcasses of dogs, cats  and even a horse has been discovered. If small animals like rats , gerbils or rabbits are released in the desert larger predators will have them for lunch, so their bodies usually are not found.Seems the horse was taken their and shot in the neck.

More people have become aware of the “zone” and are patrolling the area.
Every city has these areas that need to be checked so the domesticated animals that are left can quickly be found.
Other ways animals are abandoned include simply dropping them off on a city street to race after their owners car and maybe be hit or killed. Others are left behind in houses that the owners have been forced to leave.

Abandoned an animal suffers shock and disorientation just like people would , then becomes dehydrated and  hungry. If let outside the animal is unable to find shelter can die from the elements. Very few of these abandoned animals are found by people who will care for them or take them to a shelter.

With the economic challenges the US faces more animals will be let to die. Do the math if 63 percent of U.S. households have at least one pet-plus, hundreds of thousands of pets are in danger of being abandoned or if fortunate be given to animal shelters across the country.

Abandoning a pet is illegal, help a pet out and turn it over to a shelter if you cannot keep it.


Excerpts courtesy of  http://www.alternet.org

Image courtesy of  http://blog1.rspcasa.asn.au/abandoned_Buddy.jpg


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