“Endangered polar bear needs to keeps his parts”

A thirty six year population projection model of 4 of 13 subpopulations suggest:

27 per cent of Canada’s 15 500 polar bears have a high risk of declining by 30 per cent.

The Canadian government still allows the sale of polar bear parts – pellets, paws, meat, and claws. Canada is home to approximately 15 500 of the estimated 20 000 to 25 000 Polar Bears in global polar regions. Bear populations are decreasing.

polar bear cubs

Declines are partly attributed to climate change for western Hudson Bay (Nunavut and Manitoba) and the southern Beaufort Sea (Northwest Territories), but are mostly due to unsustainable harvesting in Kane Basin and Baffin Bay (Nunavut). Seven subpopulations (43% of the total population) are projected to be stable or increasing. Trends currently cannot be projected for two subpopulations (Davis Strait, Foxe Basin – Nunavut – 29% of the total population

Industrial development and their oil spills and population increase impinges on the lands that the bears call home. Bear hunting unless one needs this meat for survival should be outlawed.

In Canada the hunting of Polar Bears is restricted to Aboriginal people or sport hunters guided by Aboriginal people who harvest by traditional means and in accordance with sound conservation practices based on the best available scientific information.

Please let the Canadian government to stop  sport hunters from shooting this endangered bear and stop the sale of bear parts now. Your voice and action will be counted here.


Excerpts courtesy of  http://www.ec.gc.ca

Excerpts courtesy of  http://www.defenders.org

Image courtesy of Nature’s Crusaders library


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