“A deadly cocktail-shrinking ice +oil”

The largest natural US biome is under attack from two deadly fronts. Global warming and the oil companies activities off the Alaskan coast and deep in the heartland too. The pristine lands and sea that are home to countless numbers of our largest and smallest  natural treasures is under attack. These biomes that the animals and plants have openly grown, roamed or swum  for thousands of years is being polluted and invaded by short sighted management.

Leaping for food

If we all had the the financial backing that this giant conglomerate oil and gas companies have more inroads would have been made to saving our endangered wildlands and wildlife both in Alaska and around the world. Since we have alternative fuels, the means to more safely process and protect our environment and all life, it makes no sense to let this antiquated giants of industry continue to rule and dictate governmental policy that will effect generations to come long after their rigs have rusted away.

Stop Shell Oil’s attack on the coastal waters of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuse

Stop Shell’s Attack on the Polar Bear’s Birthing Ground before drilling starts this summer!

The Obama Administration has given Shell the green light to begin exploratory drilling off the coast of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge — during the Refuge’s 50th Anniversary Year!

Even government officials admit that an oil spill is inevitable if full-scale production occurs off the coast of the Arctic Refuge — the main birthing ground of Alaska’s polar bears. Polar bears, whales, seals, eagles and salmon may soon be covered in or ingesting oil.
Here is a list of just the members of the dolphin and whale families that might be effected by such a spill:  Dolphins
  • Dall’s Porpoise
  • Harbor Porpoise              
  • Pacific Whitesided Dolphin


  • Beaked Whales
  • Beluga Whales
  • Bowhead Whales
  • Fin Whales
  • Humpback Whales
  • Gray Whales
  • Killer Whales (Orcas)
  • Minke Whales
  • North Pacific Right Whales
  • Sperm Whales

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Excerpts courtesy of  http://www.nrdc.org
Excerpts courtesy of  http://www.afsc.noaa.gov/nmml/species/species_harporp.php
Image 1. courtesy of   Nature’s Crusaders library
Image 2. courtesy of  http://www.croft31.co.uk/porpoise.jpg

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