“Lime in the coconut -no it is an octopus!”

Nature’s Crusaders welcomes the first cephalopod Amphioctopus marginatus to use a tool. Not like a hammer,  but this octopus adopts coconut shells from the muddy shallow sea bottom and makes itself a portable home by putting one shell below its body and one or more above it . Then it anchors its body to half of the coconut shell below by suction.

With its legs extended over the bottom shell, the octopus proceeds to tip toe across the muddy bottom on its eight legs. The Coconut Octopus would be more vulnerable to predators in shallower waters, so it carries these shells for protection and camouflage.
To see this amazing octopus in action click here.


courtesy of  National Geographic

Excerpts courtesy of  http://blogs.discovermagazine.com

Image courtesy of   http://wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/Octopus_marginatus.jpg

Video courtesy of  http://www.youtube.com


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