“Save sea otters, whales, sea turtles and others Feb 11 deadline”

Oily otters, slimy sea turtles, oil soaked feathers, oil slicked marine wildlife and befouled beaches along America’s coasts

Is this our destiny.

New offshore drilling proposals in Alaska, Florida, California and Virginia threaten marine wildlife and local economies that depend on clean, healthy beaches.

Tell President Obama’s Ocean Policy Task Force that you support responsible management of our ocean resources and OPPOSE offshore drilling that could threaten America’s vital coastal ecosystems.

Friday February 11 is the deadline for public comments.

Please sign this petition today.

Offshore oil spills could threaten sea otters, threatened and endangered sea turtles, a variety of marine birds and other wildlife with extinction.

If such a spill were to occur off the coast of California, threatened southern sea otters could be doomed to extinction. Likewise, a spill off Florida’s coasts could decimate the beach habitat that threatened and endangered fish and sea turtles that have been so hard hit with freezing coastal weather.

New offshore drilling activities and infrastructure could also hasten the extinction of American’s threatened polar bears and endangered bowhead whales. Click here to help.

Planned drilling by Shell would put a 514-foot-long drill ship and an armada of support vessels in Alaska’s Chukchi Sea — a vital hunting area for polar bears and key migratory route for bowhead whales. The noise and disturbance caused by such activities could disrupt whale migration and make the search for food even more difficult for polar bears that are already losing the sea ice they need to hunt and survive.

Help protect our ocean wildlife. Sign our petition and urge Obama’s Ocean Policy Task Force to prioritize good science and wildlife protection as it decides how our coastal resources will be managed.

Unfortunately, overfishing, pollution, climate change and other threats have pushed our ocean resources to the brink. Careful planning is urgently needed, to protect our most treasured marine wildlife and the livelihoods of many that depend on the sealife for jobs and sustainance. The risks outway the temporary benefits of this oil.  Healthy, clean, sustainable oceans with support more life and a healthier economy for our future.

Please take a moment right now to sign our petition to Obama’s Ocean Policy Task Force.

Our oceans stand at a crossroads, and we have a choice: responsible, science-based management of these precious places or oily otters and other wildlife and industrialized oceans.

It’s up to us to make our voices heard and ensure that the Obama administration makes the right choice for future generations. Please take action today.


courtesy of  https://secure.defenders.org

Image courtesy of   http://www.greenexpander.com/oilsoakedbird.jpg


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