“The Governor holds wolves in the crosshair in Utah”

Governor Herbert of Utah is the link holding the fate of the nonnative wolves in his hand . Seems Utah Senate passed and sent the bill on to the House of Representativesand to kill or relocate all migrating wolves that come through their state.  A major problem with this bill is it leaves the door wide open for the slaughter of even native wolves, because migrating wolves do not wear a visa to identify them.  Wolves come through Utah headed to Yellowstone, Colorado, Arizona and the Southern Rockies. This movement is needed to keep the gene pool healthy and keep the population numbers stabilizing.

Wolf in crosshairs in Utah again

This anti-wolf bill could pass as soon as this week and is backed by the misleadingly named Sportsmen for Fish and Wildlife — the very same group whose Idaho chapter has been holding wolf-killing derbies to raise funds for anti-wolf litigation.

For twenty years now the wolf population has been returning to nearly normal levels, with Utah, Alaska leading the charge to wipe out wolves we must let Governor Herbert know that wolves are a vital link in the ecosystem.

Wolves play critical roles in their ecosystems. They keep prey, like elk and deer, moving so they do not over graze an area. Since the reintroduction of wolves to Yellowstone National Park, biodiversity has soared, as streamside areas have bounced back due to reduced grazing pressure form elk and deer. In turn, beaver populations have rebounded, providing healthy habitat for a wide range of birds and aquatic animals and plant life. The balance Mother Nature intended.

The bill now goes to the state house of representatives and, if approved there, would require the approval of Governor Gary Herbert.  If passed into law this bill would circumvent Utah’s Wolf Management Plan and violate the Endangered Species Act.

Please sign the petition to encourage the Governor to save the wolves before February 14. Make it a Happy Valentine’s Day for the wolves of Utah.

Stop wolf killing derbies.


Excerpts courtesy of   https://defenders.org

Petition: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/takeaction

Image courtesy of  Nature’s Crusaders library


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