“Rescue BamBam and change its name too!”

Bam Bam is an adorable 4 month old male Chihuahua and Terrier mix. He is currently at the Lancaster Shelter and unfortunately his time will be officially up this Monday, February 15th.  If he is not rescued or adopted by Monday, then he will be put to sleep. Please RT and network Bam Bam so that we can save his life!

Save this dog

I’m not exactly sure how Bam Bam ended up in the Lancaster Shelter but he is listed as having been exposed to Parvo.  Fortunately enough for Bam Bam, he seems to be just fine and healthy and has not shown any signs at all of Parvo the entire time he has been at the shelter (since Jan. 26th).  But even Bam Bam’s cute face and playful puppy nature has not been enough for anyone to adopt him.  Because he was exposed to Parvo, many people who have seen him in the shelter and are interested in adopting him, back out once they find out about it.  So now he is running out of time and only has until this Monday.  Is there a rescue or person out there who will take a chance on this young pup’s life?

If you’re interested in adopting or rescuing Bam Bam please contact the Lancaster Shelter at (661) 940-4191.  Bam Bam’s impound #/ID is A4080577.

Lancaster Shelter
5210 West Avenue I
Lancaster, CA 93536 Lancaster Shelter
5210 West Avenue I


Twit and Image courtesy of   http://twitwall.com for the Lancaster Shelter


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