“Japanese whalers know not what they do”

For the love of the whales and dolphins

So Sea Shephard’s infamous Captain Pete Bethune has done the ultimate risky PR move, to save the Southern Right and Minke whales of the Antarctic Ocean, he has quit blocking the Shonan Maru II and climbed aboard their vessel. Not once, but twice.

Captain Pete Betune

He got thrown into the sea when he boarded the first time. Persistence pays I guess and he some how got aboard and made it into the captains quarters. Why did he enter the lion’s den you ask?
Well, after they rammed his ship and destroyed it, he went aboard to make a citizen’s arrest and ask for compensation for his 3 million dollar ship!

So the captain had him thrown in the brig and will be returning with the crew to Japan. So until they get their quota of slaughtered whales for “research”, he will have free room and board in the other teams camp.
No one yet knows if he will be brought to trial when they return.

Looking for momma

Seems that both sides have joined forces to promote the ban on whaling, because the amount of PR the capture of this “pirate” at sea is focusing on the antiquated barbarism – this slaughter at sea will speed the ending of this practice.

Even now, one more country, New Zealand is telling Japan that if diplomacy doesn’t work to encourage them to end this practice, then they too may join the team of countries taking them to World Court later this year.
The strange thing is no one should be eating whale meat. Whale and dolphin meat is so filled with toxins that feeding your children this meat is certain to increase their potential cancer risks.
So what is the point? -$$$$
None of the fishermen or officials that line their pockets with the bloody toxic profits from whaling cares about the health or future of their country. Very sad. Please send them peace, they know not what they do.


Excerpts courtesy of   http://www.nzherald.co.nz

Image 1. courtesy of   http://www.abc.net.au.jpg

Image 2. courtesy of  http://bit.ly/9P3geQ

Video courtesy of   http://www.youtube.com


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