“Turning back time to sanction commercial whaling”

A return to commercial whale going backwards in time
This is a compromise?

There are compromises then there are ridiculous compromises.
The draft Consensus Decision by the Small Working Group on the Future of IWC that would allow only the countries that currently take whales under the “research” provisions of the treaty to hunt them under the proposed management regime. Japan, Norway, Iceland,  and the Faroe Islands, which together kill some 1,500 + whales a year. would be allowed to continue.

IWC wants to saction whaling

The draft proposal would bring whaling by all 88 member countries under the control of the IWC. Currently, the IWC has no control over whaling under objection/reservation to the treaty or whaling under special permit, the so-called “research whaling.
The IWC proposes caps on the number of whales to be taken that are “within sustainable levels” for a 10 year period. Sounds good, but most quotas are not decided. The draft comments that catches would be reduced “significantly” from current levels.

Japan annually in Antarctic plan to take 900 minke whales, which are not an endangered species, and another 50 endangered fin whales.
However in 2009, Japan only killed 679 minke whales and one fin whale over a five-month stay in the Antarctic region, playing war games with the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. Japan’s goal had been to kill up to 935 minke whales and 50 fin whales.

Who is behind this sudden change in course from being an advisory commission to controlling whaling around the world by reversing the hands of time and sanctioning whaling again. Leave these ancient mammals in the sea.
The IWC proposal states that a fundamental component of the Consensus Decision is that the commission will “focus on the recovery of depleted whale stocks and take actions on key issues, including by-catch, climate change and other environmental threats.”

Excerpts and Image courtesy of   http://www.ens-newswire.com


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