“The Canadian seals are safe at home for 2010”

Maybe  there is a grey seal angel after all. The annual grey seal hunt on Hay Island, off eastern Cape Breton, will not go ahead this year. This clubbing fest annually took place on a “protected” nature reserve in spite of the fact that the government had authorize the “fishermen” to blugeon 2,500 grey seals  to death on Hay Island, a part of the protected Scaterie Island Wilderness Area off Cape Breton te gods have intervened.

saved from the club

All of you that have signed petitions or spoken out about protecting these seals around the world have helped save this baby. Thank you – Mother Nature

Seals are off limits to commercial seal hunters this year. Why?
The trucking companies that traditional hauled the slaughtered baby and adult seals  to market refused to do it this year. Alleluia!! Also bad weather prevented the clubbers from taking off.

The Humane Society International said markets are shrinking as more countries boycott seal products.
courtesy of   http://bit.ly/dwxy0E
Excerpts courtesy of   http://bit.ly/bfTpiU

Excerpts courtesy of   http://bit.ly/9MZOwR

Image courtesy of   http://www.fisherycrisis.com/seals/grey_seals_newborn2.jpg


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