“Jail time, slaughtered dolphins may go hand n fin”

Congratulations  to everyone involved with creating “The Cove” a real life documentary about the destruction of schooling pods of dolphin in the bloody cove near Taiji, Japan.
“The Cove” has won an Oscar

at the Academy Awards ceremony in Los Angeles on March 7, 2010.

Seems everyone in the world knows about this movie, excepts the people most effected, the families and especially the children that eat mercury and PBC laden dolphin meat.

The town of Taiji kills about 2,000 dolphins every year for meat. Some are captured and sold to aquariums.
The Japanese government allows about 19,000 dolphins to be killed each year. It acknowledges that dolphin meat is contaminated with mercury, but denies it’s dangerous unless consumed in huge quantities.

Officials in Japan are threatening repercussions against university and community groups that dare to show The Cove. Dolphin-killing fishermen’s unions are threatening lawsuits against theaters that show the film. There are even some signs that Save Japanese Dolphin Coalition members (SJDC) could face arrest in Japan, even though no laws have been broken.

SJDC will not give in to this pressure. The film’s director is making plans to spend months in Japan with coalition members. to show the film whereever  an audience is amenable. The message of The Cove will particularly resonate with young people, to whom we need to reach out with the dangers of mercury-contaminated dolphin meat and the slaughter of dolphins they love as much as we do.

Will you please help us create a safer world and  save these ancient animals. Click here.

Excerpts courtesy of    http://bit.ly/9sAYww

Image courtesy of    http://bit.ly/cGetOv

Image courtesy of  http://bit.ly/cmNrF0


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