“Toxic companies near you-act now”

Our waterways and its delivery systems across the US are in peril. There is no legal body that can enforce clean water safety standards. Through various political and monetary maneuvers

more than fifty percent of the corporate polluters of our waterways can dump toxic chemicals and waste straight into the rivers and streams

feed our water shed.

The Clean Water Act was intended to end dangerous water pollution by regulating every major polluter. Regulators may be unable to prosecute and regulate as many as half of the nation’s largest known polluters because officials may neither have proper jurisdiction or because proving jurisdiction would be overwhelmingly difficult and time consuming to prove.

“We are, in essence, shutting down our Clean Water programs in some states,” said Douglas F. Mundrick, an E.P.A. lawyer in Atlanta. “This is a huge step backward. When companies figure out the cops can’t operate, they start remembering how much cheaper it is to just dump stuff in a nearby creek.”

That creek may run directly into your communities waterways from which your drinking, bathing, swimming and garden water may come. If we do not put pressure on our local officials and get educated and active we might as well just help them add mercury, pbcs, lead, hydrogen sulfide and paints directly to you and your family’s  next glass of water.

Check to see if your state’s clean water commission has become so mired in the red tap that it has no power to keep your water healthy.

Here is a list of the top water polluters near you.

If you live in a state with any of them, you better get informed and active to reclaim your rights to clean water and land or you will be hearing your state official saying what James Tierney stated below:

“This is a huge deal,” James M. Tierney, the New York State assistant commissioner for water resources, said of the new constraints. “There are whole watersheds that feed into New York’s drinking water supply that are, as of now, unprotected.”

Pollution continues here is a list of the top one hundred biggest air  polluters.


Excerpts courtesy of   http://nyti.ms/cEhxf7

Excerpts courtesy of  http://bit.ly/dkq7TU

Image courtesy of   http://bit.ly/9iphn7


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