“Walmart selling whale meat”

Action please!

Illegal animal meat trade should be expanded to include whale and Bluefin tuna. Both of these species are endangered and both may be sold legally in Japan for food.

To help save these and other endangered species we can help by stop eating Bluefin tuna and refuse to support trade, travel or any companies including Walmart  that sells whale meat in Japan. Walmart touts there environmental stick, but clubs endangered animals with it when we are not looking.

Japan illegally took $2 billion worth of southern bluefin tuna, effectively killing the stock commercially in 2006. Do not support these practices.

The biggest box company in America does not seem to make enough money under cutting prices of food and products in the US, but now must traffic in “whale meat that was caught for scientific purposes”!   Give me a break.

Boycott Walmart!


Excerpts courtesy of    http://bit.ly/bcSpnD

Excerpts and Image courtesy of  http://bit.ly/dqaRl4


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