“Angolan cheetahs rise again”

From the ashes of a 30-Year Civil War,

Cheetahs rise again

Animals are truly resiliant as Dr. Laurie Marker, Executive Director of the Cheetah Conservation Fund, found three-day survey conducted in Iona National Park in the Namibe province, Africa. The 1.6 million hectare national park is ideal cheetah habitat  It is arid desertland in the southwest corner of the country was one of the former ranges of the cheetah. Iona is populated with thousands of hectares of open savannah and a growing prey base of springbok and oryx, the cheetah’s primary prey.

The rapid ecological survey, designed to assess the habitat and prey in the area as potential cheetah habitat, was carried out at the urging of Alvaro Baptista, owner of the Omauaha Lodge near Iona National Park in Namibe, informed Marker of cheetah sightings in the area and encouraged the undertaking of an extensive survey to confirm their presence and to help develop a conservation plan for their long-term protection and survival.

Marker’s visit to Angola was endorsed by the Kissama Foundation (http://www.kissama.org), which has the mandate to support the development of the National Parks of Angola since peace came to the country in 2002. As a result of meetings in Angola’s capital, Luanda, Marker hopes to develop collaborations with Kissama, as well as universities and relevant government officials. The goal is to develop a program using CCF’s proven methods for censusing cheetah populations and assisting with community, government and non-government organizations in education awareness of cheetahs and bio-diversity to show the benefits of a predator’s role in a healthy ecosystem and ecotourism.

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With your dedicated help, making the world  safer, healthier and more sustainable for all Nature’s Crusaders.


Excerpts courtesy of Cheetah.org

Image courtesy of   http://bit.ly/bTAYAH


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