“Water will rule”

Oil was king, but water will rule the world’s future.
Who ever controls the potable or drinkable fresh water supplies will control the the development of life on earth.

There are more deaths from unsafe water than from war says the United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.

“More people die from unsafe water

than from all forms of violence, including war.”

When we fail to keep our water ways, rivers, lakes and oceans clean, we set up for more poverty, disease, starvation and death. Dehydration in Eastern and Western countries is the root of our disease patterns and little or decreased access to good quality water could become the ever increasing root of struggles between nations.

The United Nations Childrens Agency (UNICEF) noted that more than 155 million people, or 39 percent of the population in West and Central Africa, have no access to potable or drinkable water.
..Daily millions of tons of untreated sewage, industrial and agricultural wastes {are dumped) into the world’s water systems,..clean water has become scarce and will be scarcer as a result of climate change.
US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says global peace and security will depend on access to water.

Government stability and economic growth will always depend on countries’ ability to successfully manage water in a world where water resources grow scarcer by the day… “become better stewards of our water resources.”
We can all help protect our water supplies now, by refusing to pollute even our waste water by refusing to dump medicines, pesticides and non biodegradable chemicals or junk into our sewage system. Cleaning up debris around and in our water is growing in importance. Cleaning up mine trailing ponds and refusing to allow companies to dump wastes into our water ways and oceans while helping to remove trash, plastics and cosmetics from our beach fronts and rivers and harbors help secure better future for our endangered world.

Our actions count in the overall plan and balance of our earth,

You are missing and vital link to a healthier tomorrow for us all.


Excerpts courtesy of   http://bit.ly/9bsXOS


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