“Endangered Sea turtles 1 Mex. shrimpers 0”

On April 20, 2010, Mexican certification to export wild-harvest shrimp (caught at sea) to the United States will be withdrawn.
Mexican shrimper nets lack turtle extruder devices that are up to US standards. Without extruders on their shrimp nets, sea turtles are drowning needlessly,

because its trawls lack required protections for endangered sea turtles, the State Department said. proper exclusion devices can prevent turtle mortality in shrimp trawl nets up to 97 percent.

It will not affect shrimpers this year, because Mexico’s shrimp season will have closed until fall.
The Endangered Species Act lists six of the seven sea turtle species as endangered or threatened.

Mexico’s National Fisheries Council said last week that it was working to upgrade these devices to apply for re-certification of its shrimp fleets following new inspections in August and September 2010.
This U.S. action only applies to shrimp wild-harvested in open ocean, which account for only about 20 percent of Mexico’s annual shrimp production. Most of Mexico’s shrimp are caught in shallow coastal waters or are farmed.
courtesy of   http://bit.ly/aQGXDZ

Image courtesy of Nature’s Crusaders library


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