“Ode to a snow leopard”

The Wakhan mountains was my home.

Last week caught in a hunter’s snare my firey spirit began to ebb.

Then tied and thrown in the back of a truck, hurried to black market for quick sale.
Kept in a small cage for seven days poked and proded by an ignorant few.

A prince of Afghanistan heard of my capture and then a president was told, NATO troops came to rescue me.

Bewildered, I long for those snowy distant mountain peaks my home.

I was healthy endangered and alive there-Let me go home.

I am the symbol of Afganistan. My snowy white fur covered with majestic black, half-moon markings can only grace a museum now.

No One can tame my wild spirit. It is forever free.

Help save my endangered brothers and sisters.


Excerpts courtesy of http://bit.ly/cori1z
Image courtesy of http://bit.ly/8YUceC and Richard W Fite


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