“Angels Great Barrier Reef workn’ overtime”

The best offense is a good defense. If the reefs of the world are to survival global warming and the threats from pollution, ships run aground, tourism, overfishing being proactive is critical.

Allowing ships to travel unescorted through the most environmental diverse area on the planet is careless at best. When these ships are carrying toxic materials it is plain irresponsible.

Information now suggests that the now pilot of the Shen Neng fell asleep at the wheel or is their possible foul play happening here.

When the ship ran up onto the Great Barrier Reef, it sat there for days before its oil was drained.  That began today. Its coal is still on board. The oil spill that happened right after the accident.
The “angels of the reef” must be working overtime to diminish the devastating effects of this spill. May Mother Nature rise again stronger and healthier than it was prior to the accident.
courtesy of   http://bit.ly/bvKpRS

Video of wreck http://bit.ly/d3TulZ

Image courtesy of   http://bit.ly/c3qhsd


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