“Oil clean up angels busy in LA refuge”

For the second time in one week, there has been another oil spill in a National refuge. this time in Louisiana. By today, the crews have laid more than two miles of floats to keep spilled oil out of sensitive marshlands in and near a remote national wildlife refuge.

endangered brown peligan nesting colony

About 18,000 gallons of oil spilled from a breached pipeline after being hit by a spud. The accident happened in the heart of the 76-square-mile refuge near the mouth of the Mississippi River.

To save the refuge 12,500 feet of containment boom had been set out in the Delta National Wildlife Refuge, Breton Sound Louisiana and in the adjacent areas of the Gulf of Mexico.
The refuge is the winter home for over 400.000 ducks and geese. The DNWR is considered a Paulustrine Emergent Wetlands (Herbaceous plants growing in standing water or saturated soils.). Two basic marsh zones occur within the habitat: fresh marsh nearest the main tributaries, and brackish marsh near the Gulf of Mexico. The fertile soils, vegetative composition, and shallow water wetland environment offers protection and habitat to numerous plant and wildlife species including the following endangered and threatened species; the American Alligator, Brown Pelican, Arctic Peregrine Falcon and the Piping Plover. Untold numbers of song birds  and shorebirds use the refuge as a staging area during migration periods.
courtesy of   http://bit.ly/deoMv8

Excerpts refuge courtesy of  http://bit.ly/bG2WL3

Excerpts courtesy of  http://bit.ly/9YghN8
Image courtesy of  http://bit.ly/94lBUn
Image peligan courtesy of  http://bit.ly/aTA318


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