“Can condoms help save the endangered rainforest?”

The Brazilian Government is the largest single buyer of condoms in the world, importing around a billion of them every year. The sales of these government supported condoms funds a high profile advertising campaign targeted to reach  high risk populations.Brazil has also developed a highly effective anti-HIV/AIDS campaign, which is widely credited with having prevented the type of epidemic that has devastated other developing countries.

Brazil has driven down the cost of antiretroviral drugs.  The condoms are make with sustainable rubber. This supports the growth of local industry, while controlling the spread of infectious diseases like HIV/AIDS. The government opened its new factory in May of 2008. Located in the northwestern Acre state its goal is to produce 100 million condoms a year.

The latex comes from the Chico Mendes Reserve, named after the celebrated conservationist and rubber tapper who was killed by ranchers in 1988.  He gave his life fighting conditions under which the rubber tappers worked and lived, and he grew into an activist fighting to change those conditions.
Supporting People Helping People improve the health of our world-one person, plant or animal at a time. -Nature’s Crusaders

courtesy of  http://bit.ly/cMOpUa

Excerpts courtesy of  http://bit.ly/9xExvJ

Excerpts courtesy of  http://nyti.ms/eiybh

Image 1. courtesy of  http://bit.ly/9y4Uci

Photo of rubber sap collection courtesy of Flickr photographer zaza_bj under the Creative Commons license.

Image 2. courtesy of  http://nyti.ms/eiybh

Image 3. courtesy of  http://bit.ly/aN4MCa


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