“Model of success-Dr Marker + cheetah”

Yesterday, a few fortunate individuals shared an intimate luncheon with Dr. Laurie Marker of the Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF) during her stay in Tucson,Arizona.

She is a pioneer who has worked out a successful living model of teaming conservation of an endangered animal with a strong economic model that educates local farmers and ranchers and their children in ways to save their livestock while allowing predators like the cheetah to survive.

Her work is a landmark and turning point for conservationists and environmentalists to lead the way for improving the quality of life for the local people  and saving endangered “predators”.

Through her passion for saving the critically endangered cheetah,  she has reached out and carefully listened to the farmers and ranchers in Namibia, Africa. After hearing their concerns she set up research projects to collect data and get answers to alleviate their fears of cheetahs.

She continues to work hand in hand with the locals to find ways to protect and improve the health of their stock, and is creating sustainable businesses as well.

Before she came, locals felt that the solution for predator encroacment was to shoot any possible predator that came on their land. Now, they call Dr. Laurie before they shoot the cheetah. She and her rescue team will immediately respond. They will go anywhere in Namibia day or night to save a cheetah.

Dr Marker’s work:

  • Has improved the survival rates of new born calves and kids
  • Has improved the health of the farmers live stock.
  • Her eco-business plan has lead the way for other conservation efforts to follow.
  • Has saved and returned 500 cheetahs to the wild.

For her life work she has received many international awards, but her greatest reward  and biggest dream is to see the cheetahs thriving across its entire range again from Africa to the Middle East and Russia.

How much longer will cheetahs

be able to live in the wild?

To help Dr. Laurie continue saving the endangered cheetahs, click here.


Image 1. courtesy of   http://cheetahfund.ca/laurie-and-chew.jpg

Image 2. courtesy of  http://www.maasaimara.com/Cheetah-1.jpg


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