“Something is wrong with this picture- Gulf oil spill”

Toxins, dispersant, delays and red tape and let us see if we can create the magic bullet now…

If a doctor waited to learn how to repair a broken leg until a patient came in with a broken leg, he would be sued for incompetence and jailed.

Why is it that oil (or mining) companies can wait to build something that might help protect the ocean and its creatures  until after the disaster happens?

And no matter what they are now building or new technique they may be try to use congress must approve it!

The lack of efficiency of our US disaster relief system appalls me.

How many ways we can create more chaos in the Gulf-things being tried:

This is not a research project mate if you drill into Mother Earth and extract toxic gas and oil then you should now how to control and clean up your messes.

  • spreading the dispersant and at depths of 5,000 feet (1,524 meters) has never been tried
  • BP has already dispatched 3,000 gallons of the dispersant, which they are expecting to arrive in the Gulf of Mexico soon, but the proposal is still awaiting final governmental approval. Time to evaluate-haven’t you had decades?
  • Skimmers surround the oil floating on the ocean surface, but poor weather will halt their operation
  • Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) are  being deployed underwater to monitor the situation at the blowout preventer (BOP) and wellhead. The wellhead it seems has a history of leaks.
  • BP now wants to get better picture or imaging techniques and improved ROVs available for the cleanup effort.
  • A new  relief well and the three collection domes (still under construction), may be used to encapsulate the leaking oil and funnel it to a waiting ship on the surface.
  • The Materials Management Service has given permission to begin drilling the relief well. Drilling will likely be initiated within 48 hours.


Excerpts and Image courtesy of http://bit.ly/byxx85


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