“Golf balls and shredded tires – the Gulf spill”

Oil companies and the federal office of Minerals Management that oversees them have caused this mess in the Gulf of Mexico. Blinded by greed and fueled by arrogance and complacency, they have continued to drill deeper and deeper into unknown waters for crude. No one was willing to pay for research to be done for the safety improvements needed to protect the ocean. Companies have been allowed to use the same practices in deep waters that failed to provide safety in shallow waters.

The next tool in the BP arsenal to stop the gusher of oil pouring into the gulf may be golf  balls and shredded tires at the spill site.

Federal studies and interviews show over the past seven years:

  • increased dangers of exploration in deep waters that  were not researched
  • despite a series of warnings and leaks safety systems were not improved
  • malfunctions to rigging equipment went unimproved
  • near-misses over the years in both shallow and deep waters were ignored.

From an oil conference report seven years ago of high level oil executives,  the conclusion was drawn that they could not afford the money for the research and development of equipment in advance of a crisis. One of the authors of this report was an executive with Transocean, Ltd., the offshore drilling contractor that owned the Deepwater Horizon.

As horrific as this conclusion is knowing what  has happened in the Gulf, this complacency is everywhere. Daily as a society we randomly dispose of so many products made from petroleum -plastics of all kind. Stop our plastic and addiction to gasoline and the need for oil decreases.

Check out video


Excerpts courtesy of  The Miami Herald.com


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