“Chandeleur Island+shooting in mouth of the angry beast- slick spreads”

“BP will pay for all the costs,” the EPA chief declared.

No Mother Nature and our biodiversity will pay.

First to feel the suffocation of oil, Chandeleur Island off the Louisiana coast was closed to protect the wildlife and to facilitate clean up efforts and to minimize the disturbance to nesting sea birds. Breton National Wildlife Refuge is the  nesting site for many seabirds and breeding season is underway.

The refuge, home to one species of the  endangered brown pelican, least tern and piping plover, is one of the oldest in the country, and spreads across almost 7,000 acres (2,800 hectares).

Endangered Brown pelica

Endangered Piping Plover

Endangered Least tern

Monday at the site of the ruptured well, a mile underwater, a remote-controlled submarine shot chemicals into the maw (mouth of the beast) of the oil gusher  to dilute the flow.  Maybe next they will try music.

Crews using the deep-sea robot attempted to thin the oil which is rushing up from the seabed at a pace of about 210,000 gallons per day.  The approval came from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Two previous tests were done to determine the potential impact on the environment, and the third round of spraying was to last into early Tuesday.

However the effects of the chemicals on wildlife and the ocean were still widely unknown.  With no plan to follow these attempts to shut of this rush of oil is unlikely.  What will happen to the entire ecosystem is unknown.

All of life around the Gulf  is being effected.


Excerpts courtesy of  http://news.yahoo.com

Image 1. courtesy of  USFWS

Image 2. courtesy of  FWS

Image 3. courtesy of  http://bit.ly/bhBnK1


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