“Hope- progress for children and environmental education”

Over 100 House Members Now Support No Child Left Inside (NCLI)

House cosponsors of the No Child Left Inside Act now exceeds 100! Nine new co-sponsors signed on in one week. Our Congress can more positive bills through their chambers. The NCLI ‘s bill now has 103 co-sponsors, including Representative Dale Kildee, who chairs the subcommittee that will reauthorize the Elementary and Secondary Education Act. Congratulations to the bill’s champion, Congressman John Sarbanes, and thanks to all who have urged members of Congress to support NCLI! To see a complete list of current co-sponsors, click here.

environmental education

We  need the following key members from both the House and Senate Committees.

Help us convince them to make a difference for our world’s safe keeping.

Representatives: Altmire, Tonko, Pierluisi, Sablan, Kline, Petri, Hoekstra, Castle, and Biggert

Senators: Bingaman, Brown (OH), Hagan, Franken, Merkley, and Enzi

No Child Left Inside Coalition, this group of elementary school students spoke with Secretary Duncan about their school’s environmental education projects during Earth Day events on the national Mall.

Still Time to Help Fund the NCLI Advocacy Campaign

To ensure that the NCLI Act is embedded in the reauthorized Elementary and Secondary Education Act, we are focusing every bit of our resources on our Capital Hill advocacy campaign. To that end, we are STILL working toward meeting the $25,000 matching challenge from the Chesapeake Bay Foundation.

You can help by making a tax deductible contribution, no matter how big or small to:

CBF for No Child Left Inside, 6 Herndon Avenue, Annapolis, MD 21403.

Enormous thanks to all those individuals and organizations who have given already!

Member Plus Two Challenge

To date, the NCLI Coalition has more than 1,650 member organizations from across the country! Our political successes are due to the strength and diversity of our membership. Please help us build that strength and diversity by recruiting two new member organizations in your area before Memorial Day, May 31, 2010. Increased membership in states such as Iowa, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, North and South Dakota and Wyoming is particularly important to demonstrating our grassroots support! New members can join by filling out a simple form here:

More Momentum for NCLI

As both the House and Senate work on revisions to the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, it is critical that the NCLI Coalition continue to meet with key legislators, add co-sponsors, and demonstrate broad grassroots support. The next several weeks and months will be absolutely critical to our long-term success, so please stay tuned for regular updates and remain poised for action. We can’t do it without you!

Help our children learn about the wonders of Mother Nature through environmental education  at their own school.

Schooled in the wonder of life they should learn to appreciate and take better care of their heritage.


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