“Az gov. education/environment-two wrongs don’t equal a right”

AZ Governor and Legislature fails to protect the state’s  natural treasures this season.

Everything and people associated with protecting our air, resources, national and state parks  lost this legislative session.

This session seems to have been run by the most myopic state representatives in recent history. People did not work as collaborative teams,  they found few things to agree on and what was passed lead to some very poor bills moving forward.

to those of us that care about our state’s future health care for the individual as well as what he breathes, drinks and the nature parks for recreation and species preservation there was an extreme lack of support.

Neither the legislature or the governor could be counted to protect Arizona’s dwindling groundwater, rivers and streams, the state parks system or education.

The legislature passed and the governor signed a bill to weaken the state’s aquifer protection permit program, a program that institutes protective measures for groundwater rather than after-the-fact clean up. Weakening this program means that future generations will have more polluted groundwater.

More than half of our state parks could be closed by year’s end, and, without additional funding, nine more parks will likely close. These  parks include natural areas, historic places, archaeological sites and cultural resources. The state park system has suffered its most severe cuts in recent years, down from $26 million in January 2009 to possible less than $7.5 million today.

Arizonans yesterday past in an override election, an amendment to increase taxes to fund education after the legislature drained from the educational funds.

More and more Arizonan must take back the responsibility to monitor who we elect or or air, water, health, education and desert biome will become unfit to inhabit.


Excerpts courtesy of  arizona.sierraclub.org

Image courtesy of  cap-az.com


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