“Hundreds of US oil spills in 2010 alone-enough oil gods must fall”

Myopic vision, carelessness and poor information have allowed the US at all levels to become reckless with oil. Today I googled US oil spills in 2010 and found conservatively 70 pages of unique smaller oil spills(accidents) ranging from a few to many thousands of gallons of diesel or crude oil being leaked or spilled into streams, wetlands, groundwater, air and seas. This spill have barely been noticed by the people at large including myself until the Gulf of Mexico disaster. I view myself as a person who cares deeply about all of life, yet I ignored all these 700 to 900 occurrences as not involving me.  No wonder the oil companies have felt they could do anything they want and get away with it.

These spills have taken place from the Arctic and Alaska to the homes, businesses, national parks and highways even a hospital had a significant spill this year.

Each spill involves toxic clean up that effects all life touched by it, including the dedicated people that clean up the mess. The flammable nature of diesel fuel makes it necessary for communities and organizations to create a fuel spill action plan in the event a diesel spill occur in your area.

Environmental complacency and  focusing on quick cleanup without long term follow up has created this disaster and others to follow. Look at Louisiana’s  history as an example. They have not headed many wakeup calls from accidents in the past.

  • Jan. 23, 2010 Port Arthur, Texas: The oil tanker Eagle Otome and a barge collide in the Sabine-Neches Waterway, causing the release of about 462,000 gallons of crude oil. Environmental damage was “minimal” as about 46,000 gallons were recovered and 175,000 gallons were dispersed or evaporated, according to the U.S. Coast Guard.
  • April 24, 2010 Gulf of Mexico: The Deepwater Horizon, a semi-submersible drilling rig, sank on April 22, after an April 20th explosion on the vessel. Eleven people died in the blast. When the rig sank, the riser—the 5,000-foot-long pipe that connects the wellhead to the rig—became detached and began leaking oil. In addition, U.S. Coast Guard investigators discovered a leak in the wellhead itself. As much as 100,000 barrels of oil per day are leaking into the Gulf threatening wildlife along the Louisiana Coast.
  • As many as 1,000 people and dozens of ships and aircraft were enlisted to help in the cleanup. BP (British Petroleum), which leased the Deepwater Horizon, is responsible for the cleanup, but the U.S. Navy supplied the company with resources to help contain the slick. Light oil reached the Louisiana shore on April 30, and today heavy crude as reached the wetlands.
  • Also today May 20, 2010 oil from the Deepwater Horizon spill appears to have entered the Loop Current, which could eventually send it up the East Coast.
  • Yesterday, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal reported seeing heavy oil after taking a boat tour of Pass a Loutre, La.. According to Jindal, the oil he saw was thick and heavy, not the sheen or tar balls that have been reported on other occasions. The governor said more than 30 miles of the state’s coastline had been oiled.
  • The oil spill has the potential to reverse progress made in the last two years in preserving the state’s wetlands.  Shrimpers were rebounding and oyster fishermen were recovering and  coastal communities were rebuilding until now.

What has happened to the oil from the previous spills in the Mississippi River and the oil spilled during hurricane Katrina? The oilmen are petitioning to go back to work at their shallow water rigs in the Gulf without any more safety features built in to those rigs than the deep water ones have now.

Now the EPA has issued a dictum to BP that they may only now use dispersants preapproved by the EPA. Only the least toxic dispersants will be approved. No one knows the effects of these chemicals either. History repeats itself. How will their next accident happen and when?

Watch out east coast it is your turn next to share the oily mess from the Gulf thats to the Loop current.

We must stop polluting with oil on land, sea and air to save our world.


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