“Good News AFF gives Helena National Forest gift of new life”

There is good news  to share.

American Forest Foundation (AFF) gave the Helena National Forest recently received $26,000 to reforest more than 500 acres in the Big Belt Mountains and near Stemple Pass.Healthy forests are an endangered species these days so this help is greatly appreciated.

Lodgepole pine seedlings

Tree planting will target the burned areas by Maudlow-Toston and Cave Gulch burnt during the 2000 fire season. More than 40,000 acres of trees in these areas were destroyed.
“The Helena Forest, will acquire 170,000 Douglas fir and lodgepole pine seedlings from the grant money received from the American Forest Foundation will be added to the Helena Forest’s funding to expand its efforts for 2010 to areas that are generally harsh sites where natural regeneration has been unsuccessful.

Douglas fir seedling bring hope

When these trees grow they will provide watershed restoration, cover for wildlife habitat and natural beauty forest visitors and carbon sequestering for the planet.

Planting will begin in the Sulphur Bar and Blacktail areas off of the Deep Creek Highway, but closed to the public.

“Thanks AFF for continuing to help Mother Nature along.” -Nature’s Crusaders and Mother Nature

For more information about the American Forest Foundation grant or Helena National Forest tree planting efforts, contact forest silviculturist Amanda Milburn at 449-5201.

courtesy of   helenair.com
Excerpts courtesy of

Image (lodgepine) courtesy of  nps.gov/fire/postfiresuccession.jpg
Image (Douglas fir) courtesy of  bordenmemorialforest.com


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