“Bristol Bay Alaska save the endangered whales, salmon and other wildlife”

Another mega-company Anglo American and Mitsubishi wants to turn the pristine area near Bristol Bay, Alaska area over to be mined.
The Pebble Mine is run by another Japanese mega corporation the Mitsubishi Corporation.

Please sign our new Petition of Protest so that your voice can be heard loud and clear at Mitsubishi’s annual Shareholders Meeting in Tokyo on June 24, 2010. Click here to let your voice be heard.

Killer whales may go extinct

Mitsubishi and its share holders wake up!

Bristol Bay is a unique American natural treasure.

Beluga whale

  • Home to orcas and beluga whales, wild moose and caribou, and one of only two populations of freshwater harbor seals in the world

It’s world-class salmon runs that support thousands of sustainable jobs in fishing and tourism as well as Alaska Natives who depend on the salmon for food. Click here to let your voice be heard.

What do they propose to do?

  • Put a 2,000-foot-deep open-pit mine in the heart of America’s wilderness in a known earthquake zone.
  • The Pebble Mine’s colossal earthen dams are supposed to hold back some 10 billion tons of mining waste mixed with toxic chemicals. These dams never work forever. These dams are  disasters waiting to happen.

Problems  in the exploration phase

In April 2010 even without the mine in full swing, the companies had taken water from 45 unauthorized stream segments, the Anchorage Daily News reported. The exploration was temporarily halted.

Permits have been reinstated allowing Pebble Limited Partnership to continue exploring copper and gold deposits in southwest Alaska, the state Department of Natural Resources said Friday.
But the partnership still needs permission from the state’s Department of Fish and Game to work in fish habitat in order to begin drilling again this year.
All ready the Pebble Mine before it goes into full-scale operation, it will permanently destroy over 60 miles of salmon habitat.
If salmon runs collapse, so could the entire ecosystem and the communities that rely on salmon for their very subsistence.

Please stand with the Alaska’s Native communities and lovers of nature everywhere by making your voice heard at Mitsubishi’s Shareholders Meeting.

Don’t allow this mega corporation that sells so many cars, trucks, and electronics in the United States sacrifice one of America’s most spectacular pieces of endangered wilderness and the bioms dependent on it.  Click here to let your voice be heard.

Will Mitsubishi rethink this destructive venture when faced with worldwide opposition?

It did 10 years ago. Click here to let your voice be heard.


Excerpts courtesy of NRDC.com

Images 1 & 2. courtesy of  NC library

Images 3. courtesy of  en.academic.ru/Seehund.jpg

Images 4. courtesy of    http://bit.ly/aTbmA1

Images 5. courtesy of   http://bit.ly/c2hhoT

Images 6, courtesy of   http://bit.ly/aoXH8w


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