“Amazing nanoparticle sponge that sucks up oil”

Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) engineering professor David Schiraldi and his research group have created a nanoparticle clay sponge that sucks up oil like files are attracted to a magnet.  Aeroclay composites are ultra-lightweight sponge made of clay and a bit of high-grade plastic that draws oil out of contaminated water while leaving the water behind.  There is no chemical reaction between the material and oil. If the oil is uncontaminated, it can be used again.
The Aerogel comes in granular form, in sheets or in blocks of almost any shape and is effective in fresh and saltwater or on a surface. Oil spill experts on both coasts say that the ability to squeeze out and conserve the oil is an advantage over other products currently available.
This is a nanotechnology product.   These researchers have created a line of patented foam-like and environmentally friendly sponge/foam  like polymers. Check out the videos and the full story.
Will this become the magic bullet for spill cleanup in the future?
and videos courtesy of  ceramics.org/ceramictechtoday/aeroclay

Excerpts and videos courtesy of  physorg.com

Excerpts courtesy of ceramics.org/ceramictechtoday


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