“The best news for whales yet +thank you all”

Good News for Whales

The International Whaling Commission (IWC) announced yesterday that it is delaying action on a deal that would have legalized commercial whaling for the first time in a generation.

The IWC’s decision is a huge victory for whales — and for activists like you — against very long odds. And it was made possible by more than 100,000 NRDC Members, BioGems Defenders and Nature’s Crusaders like you who helped ignite a worldwide outcry against this  disastrous policy change.

For years these secret deals had been negotiated behind closed-door meetings with many bribes to cement the deal. Key government players in this deadly game, include the USA, that believes that lifting the ban on whaling would rein in rogue whaling by Japan, Iceland and Norway.

These “gentleman’s agreement” would have given the whaling nations, sanctioned permission to slaughter of whales after they’ had defied international law for years.

In this new deal  the whaling ban would have been suspended for 10 years and opened an internationally protected whale sanctuary to commercial whaling without sanctions for killing whales.

In their myopic view of whales equal $$ and nothing else matters,   this agreement that the US was planning on signing  would allow  legal loopholes like “scientific permits.”  This fake moral justification believes that to save whales we have to kill  them for research.-

Thank goodness their are hundreds of thousands of conscious caring people worldwide whose outcry helped halt at least temporarily this headlong rush to legalize the slaughter of whales for profit. Tell the United States and other conscious earth friendly nations to toughen their stance in negotiating with the whaling nations.

The last minute shift largely due to the world’s outpouring of support for whales produced a whale-saving deadlock.

This fight continues to protect these gentle giants of our oceans who helped protect and keep

The IWC has left the proposed deal open on its agenda, meaning that it could be revisited in the next two days.

Possibly the IWC will opt for a year-long “cooling-off period” and take up the issue again next year. We’ll be ready to mobilize again whenever this proposed deal is put back on the table. Tell your government representative to the commission and the head of your country that you want to permanently table the ban on whale hunting,

In the weeks and months ahead, we’ll be urging the IWC to focus its conservation efforts on emerging threats to marine mammals that are growing with each passing day: from entanglement to ship strikes, from noise pollution to global warming.

In the meantime, I want to thank you for helping secure this important victory for whales — and for making sure that the slaughter of whales for profit will remain illegal.

Mother Nature, Nature’s Crusaders and  NRDC


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