“Gulf of Mexico crisis brings caring nations together”

Help is being offered from many countries and the US is accepting assistance from 12 countries to date.  Only Mexico and the International Maritime Organization and the Monitoring and Information Center has offered assistance without expecting remuneration.
More than 30 countries and international organizations have offered to help with the spill.Most of the countries and groups have offered skimmers, boom or dispersant chemicals, according to a chart on the State Department’s website. From mid May Mexico,  Norway and Brazil have been hard as work helping the US.
To date there were 24 foreign vessels working in the Gulf as part of the clean up team. Nine countries had provided boom, skimmers and other assistance.
The International Maritime Organization and the Monitoring and Information Center, run by the European Commission are offering technical assistance. Mexico, Norway, Holland and Japan are providing skimmers; Canada is providing containment boom; and Croatia is pitching in with technical advice.
With the possibility that these BP contaminants could effect all the oceans of the world endangering all life, it would be wise for everyone to pitch in to solve this potential international crisis.


Excerpts courtesy of  http://yhoo.it/cCyaSl

Excerpts courtesy of  http://bit.ly/b2Y4ee

Image courtesy of    http://bit.ly/bmnzUx


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