“Nothing says “I love you and thanks for all your help like formaldehyde”

About 120,000 trailers with such high levels of formaldehyde that the government banned them from ever being used for long-term housing  after Katrina are now on there way to the Gulf again. Cheap housing is needed for the growing number of cleanup personnel needed in the Gulf. Several cleanup contractors hired by BP have purchased trailers at bargain-basement rates. Why bring these formaldehyde soaked trailers?  Buddy Fuzzell, an executive with one of those contractors, Cahaba Disaster Recovery, succinctly explained the appeal of the trailers: “The price was right.”

Endangering workers lives to pad the bottom line-hummmmm such a familiar theme.

Hang safety and concern for life and health.

Health Risks Dangers
Formaldehyde poses a number of health problems if inhaled at a high concentration at close range. It can cause nasal cancer and advanced respiratory problems, and has been linked to some forms of leukemia.
Many housing materials contain some quantity of formaldehyde, but the cheap wood that the feds used to construct the trailers contained dramatically higher levels of formaldehyde.

The acute effects of formaldehyde exposure include soreness and rawness to the eyes, the nose, the throat and skin rashes that can cause scarring.  Other complications  can include coughing and some trouble breathing may also be present until the individual is removed from the area where the formaldehyde is in use. However, as exprosure continues the respiratory may be impaired causing pain when breathing.and eventual development of lesions in and possible permanent lung damage.

From prolonged exposure to formaldehyde the incidence of lung and nose cancer appears to be significantly higher among people who regularly come in contact with formaldehyde. This has led many countries to establish guidelines that set what is considered a maximum amount of exposure on a daily basis.
In some cases, formaldehyde exposure can lead to death. Professionals who make use of the substance as part of their work often wear protective clothing, including breathing masks, in order to safeguard against this possibility. Installing air qualitydevices in these toxic trailers might help these workers know when unsafe levels of formaldehyde emissions may be present and  airing the space maybe in order.

The gift of these trailers reminds me of the witch’s apple to Snow White in the movie Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Excerpts courtesy of    http://yhoo.it/aTebiy

Excerpts courtesy of     http://bit.ly/ar8scE

Image courtesy of        http://bit.ly/dDahri


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