“Fly solar around the clock”

The Solar Impulse HB-SIA is a new ultralight glider plane a first to use  solar cells to power its four electric engines and to recharge lithium batteries to fly day or night.  The 12,000 battery’s’ total weight equals about one fourth of the plane’s weight and are housed in pods under its wings.

In a specially designed plane with a 63.4-meter wingspan about the size of a Boeing 747 jumbo jetIt will fly at speeds around 44 mph and  soaring up to an altitude of  possibly 26,000 feet.

The mission, weather permitting, will mark the world’s first manned 24-hour solar flight.

Is the maiden voyage the first possible giant step in the direction of perpetual flight ?

Helping to decrease our dependence on oil – one new invention at a time.


Excerpts courtesy of

Excerpts courtesy of http://bit.ly/9C5lkp

Image courtesy of    http://bit.ly/9C5lkp

Video courtesy of  YOUTUBE.com and y2mzuw.blu.livefilestore.com


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