“The Solar Knight is saving endangered animals”

Stephen Gold of  San Francisco never dreamed of becoming the solar energy knight in shining armor for struggling nonprofits, but one conference he attended changed his life forever.

Making a difference one person or group at a time.

Learning that cheetah conservationist Rebecca Klein’s needed cheap sustainable energy to conduct her research in Botswana, Stephen decided to help.After all he had designed his own solar home.

Gold contacted Wildlife Conservation Network (WCN) director Charles Knowles and volunteered to help.

After interviewing WCN-supported conservationists, Gold found six who were in great need of electricity.  They were using either diesel generators or antiquated solar electric systems, inadequate for their needs.

After three years,  his nonstop fund raising efforts from corporations and individuals, Gold amassed about $450,000 of solar equipment.
To date there are 8 different systems on-line in Kenya, Ethiopia and Botswana. As of June 2009, 6 new systems are being put together for others in Mozambique, Tanzania, Mongolia and another for Kenya.

Now dubbed, the Solar Knight by Mother Nature  of NC,  his latest efforts will bring much needed solar power to help conserve another endangered species the Snow Leopard. The project will light up the Base camp Mongolia will continue to buzz with activity throughout the summer, including the assembly of a donated solar power unit that will provide more than 2,300 watts of power to the current and future work of the Long-term Ecological Study.

Special thanks to Stephen Gold and the Wildlife Conservation Network’s Solar Program.

Please help Stephen and the Wildlife Conservation Network continue this vital sustainable solar projects around the world.

Click here for solar support. or wildlifeconservationnetwork.org


Excerpts courtesy of  www.wcnsolarproject.org

Excerpts courtesy of wildlifeconservationnetwork.org

Excerpts courtesy of  wildlifeconservationnetwork.org/snowleopard

Image 1. courtesy of   ethiopianwolf.org/solar%20panels.jpg

Image 2. courtesy of  blog.snowleopard.org


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