“Smile you may be on nano web camera”

Cloth that can take your picture, sing to you and measure bodily functions.

This new optical fiber ten years in the making, is less than a millimeter in diameter. It is composed of layers of light-detecting materials woven together.

The future may hold clothes that are themselves sensitive microphones, for capturing speech or monitoring bodily functions, and tiny filaments that could measure blood flow in capillaries or pressure in the brain.
Besides their use as wearable microphones and biological sensors, other uses could include loose nets that monitor the flow of water in the ocean and large-area sonar imaging systems with much higher resolutions,

A fabric woven from acoustic fibers would provide the equivalent of millions of tiny acoustic sensors. This fiber will have application both for military safety wear and in medical arena.

These light-detecting fibers when woven into a web act as a flexible camera. Fabric composed of these fibers could be joined to a computer that could provide information on a small display screen attached to a visor, providing the soldier greater awareness of his surroundings  or doctors could easily monitor patient blood perfusion without moving them.


Excerpts courtesy of   http://bit.ly/BYl1W

Excerpts courtesy of   http://yhoo.it/bHycJP

Image courtesy of        http://bit.ly/aGim7A


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