“Looping intermingling deep currents may determine ice age”

Radiocarbon data taken from 30 sediment cores at various locations in the North Pacific indicate that the earth’s climate is regulated largely by the world ocean’s circulation.

This density-driven loops of currents brings warm surface water to the polar regions and transports cold water away. As poleward flowing salty waters cool in the North Atlantic, they become so heavy that they sink. This sinking acts as a pump for the ocean’s conveyor belt circulation.

In the past the North Atlantic branch of the conveyor belt circulation was shut down by melting ice sheets, which in turn released so much fresh glacial meltwater that the sinking of cold water in the Nordic Seas stopped and the Northern Hemisphere was plunged into a deep freeze around 17,000 years ago

This icy deep water spilled out of the subarctic North Pacific at depths of 2000-3000 meters (6,561.7 – 9,842.5 feet) merged into a southward flowing deep western boundary current with a warm, strong poleward current formed at the surface. These conjoining currents gave off lots of heat into the atmosphere.

The deep churning flow of water in the Pacific may have stirred up old carbon-rich deep waters,which would also increase the atmospheric CO2 concentration further warming and accelerated the glacial meltdown.

A computer “earth system model” was run under conditions that mimicked the catastrophic meltwater discharge from the retreating ice sheets 17,500 – 15,000 years ago and disrupted the heat The North Pacific Ocean served as a kind of global backup generator to partly offset There are many complex changes that took place in the oceans of the world during these periods of climate change.


Excerpts and Image courtesy of   http://bit.ly/9mD3CY


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