“Endangered sea turtles releasing them into the sea-a ?? future”

On July 14, 2010 eight  endangered sea turtles were released into to the Atlantic Ocean. The four were named Sunny, Ada Lee, Krista and Gary. All were rescued in February after a drop in the ocean temperature during a winter cold spell stunned the animals. This cold shock  can bring on life-threatening health issues. They have been recovering at the George Sea Turtle Center.

The Georgia Sea Turtle Center is a hospital for ill and injured sea turtles.  We are the only hospital of its kind in the state of Georgia.  Research at the center includes a tracking program for all rehabilitated and released sea turtles.

Check out where these turtles are today.

Before release, satellite tags were placed on two of the turtles, Sunny and Ada Lee, so their travels and health can be  monitored. See where the turtles are now:

To see  Sunny and Ada Lee location today!

Needed Project Sponsors

SEATURTLE.ORG and its partners are looking for Project Sponsors to help track sea turtles around the world. Your support will help to pay for the transmitter and satellite time required to track a sea turtle. The cost of each transmitter and attachment materials is approximately US$2,000, and the average cost of satellite time per transmitter is an additional US$3000.

Will you sponsor a transmitter contacttracking@seaturtle.org


Excerpts courtesy of   http://bit.ly/aSNHZB


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  1. May 18, 2012 at 9:32 pm

    Thank you for your wonderful site. I am researching animals that live in water for school children you had more than I bargained for.

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